Food Law News - EU - 1996

9 July 1996: POULTRY MEAT - Amendment to Marketing Standards

DHSS(NI) Letter, 9 July 1996

EU Poultry Meat Marketing Standards

The letter provides limited information on a recent change to the detailed rules contained in Regulation 1538/91 (which introduces detailed rules for implementing Regulation 1906/90 on certain marketing standards for poultry).

Following French concerns that there were poor quality capons being marketed in France, the definition of "capon" has been amended. It previously stated:
"male fowl castrated surgically before having reached sexual maturity".
Following the adoption of Regulation 1000/96 (published on 5 June 1996), it now reads:
"male fowl castrated surgically before reaching sexual maturity and slaughtered at a minimum age of 140 days; after castration the capons must be fattened for at least 77 days".

Regulation 1000/96 also makes some related changes to the references to capons in Annex IV of 1538/91, which specifies the production criteria that must be met in order to make use of certain marketing terms (e.g. free range).

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