Food Law News - EU - 1996

17 July 1996: EGG SIZE GRADES - Further Discussions

MAFF Letter, 17 July 1996

Egg Sizes - Further Discussions

The Commission's revised draft proposal (See earlier items on Egg Size Grades
25 June 1996) was considered by the Eggs and Poultry Management Committee on 16 July.

The following grades would be defined:

To avoid ambiguity, an amendment to the original revised proposal was made and it now states "On packs, the weight grading would be indicated by the respective letter or by the respective terms .... or by a combination of both, which may be supplemented by the corresponding weight ranges."

The text was voted on. The MAFF letter states: "The vote resulted in the Committee failing to deliver an opinion as two countries abstained and two countries opposed. This is not a negative opinion nor is it a favourable one. The procedure will be that the Commission submit the text to internal written procedure and providing there are no objections to the text it will be published as law in the Official Journal. If there are no objections this will be before the intended effective date of 1 August 1996." The main transition period will last until 30 June 1997.

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