Food Law News - EU - 1996

25 June 1996: EGG SIZE GRADES - Revised Proposal

MAFF Letter 25 June 1996

Egg Size Grades

The Commission has prepared a revised draft proposal (See earlier items on Egg Size Grades) which will be put to the Eggs and Poultry Management Committee on 16 July. The following grades would be defined:
XL - VERY LARGE: 73g and more
L - LARGE: from 63g up to 73g
M - MEDIUM: from 53g up to 63g
S - SMALL: under 53g
On packs, the weight grading would be indicated by the respective letter as indicated above, which may be supplemented by the corresponding terms and weight ranges. The revised date of application would be 1 August 1996 with the same transition period.

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