Food Law News - EU - 1996

27 June 1996: Commission Weekly Information (BSE and beef)

Commission Weekly News - 27 June 1996

BSE and Beef

There were further discussions at the European Council meeting in Florence on this topic. The European Council welcomed the Commission's framework for the eradication of BSE in cattle in the UK and for the restoration of the single market in beef. This framework sets out the further action that the UK is taking, which, when in place, will enable the step-by-step relaxation of current restrictions on UK exports of bovine products. The British plan for measures to eliminate BSE was approved by the Standing Veterinary Committee last week. The European Council invited the Commission to present the appropriate decisions when it considers that the necessary conditions, based on scientific and technical advice, have been fulfilled. Such decisions are to be taken exclusively on the basis of public health and objective scientific criteria, in accordance with existing procedures.

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