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Food Law News - EU - 2015

FSA Enforcement letter (ENF- E-15-30), 22 October 2015

CONTAMINANTS - Recast of contaminants legislation, Regulation 1881/2006

The following is an extract from a letter sent to local authorities in the England on this topic.  The document mention in the letter is available on this site.  See: Draft Annex I for recast 1881/2006


The Commission is undertaking a recast of the contaminants legislation EC Regulation No 1881/2006, as there are currently 21 amendments with several more due, so that it will be a lot clearer to interpret.  The Annex with the maximum levels (MRLs) for the various chemical contaminants in various foods has been reformatted to make it clearer.  There are no changes in the MRLs, only a compilation of the amendments.


I have attached the document produced by the Commission which is a consolidation of the amendments, as at the last count there were 21 amendments.

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