Food Law News - EU - 2006

Committee Report, 8 December 2006

PARNUTS Discussions within the Standing Committee regarding PARNUTS notification procedures

Extract from the report of the meeting of the 8th December of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health - Section on General Food Law

Notifications under Article 11 of Directive 89/398/EEC

The Commission informed the Committee that, following the notifications received from Germany earlier this year, and discussed within the Committee, no further action is needed as there is no conflicting view amongst the Member States on the German decision not to allow the marketing of certain products as foodstuffs intended for a particular nutritional use.

The Commission clarified that, in principle, Article 11 of Directive 89/398 only requests Member States to start the notification procedure where they have not authorised the marketing of a product as dietetic food, while the same product is already circulating as such in one ore more other Member States.

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