Food Law News - EU - 2006

DG SANCO Consultation, 22 November 2006

EFSA - Consultation paper on the feasibility and advisability of presenting a legislative proposal enabling the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to receive fees for processing authorisation files

[The following is the introduction from the Consultation Paper. The full paper is available on this site, see: Consultation Paper: EFSA Fees. Note that the actual date of the start of the consultation is not given on the DG SANCO website]

The purpose of this consultation paper is to carry out the consultation laid down in Article 45 of Regulation (EC) No 178/20021 on the feasibility and advisability of legislation on fees received by EFSA.

The consultation and the report are in line with the good management practised by the Commission before using its power of legislative initiative, above all in complex and/or sensitive areas.

The consultation takes place at a key time for the Authority. The conclusions of the evaluation of EFSA and the recommendations of its MB have been made public. EFSA is still a young organisation (3 years of functioning) but is starting to develop into a more mature organisation. In this context, the Commission Services consider that the establishment of fees could be an important tool for EFSA.

This paper does not bind the Commission, but it lays the foundations for consulting the Member States , EFSA and the interested parties specified in Article 45 and for structuring that consultation. It will serve for discussion in the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health. It will also form the basis for detailed discussions with EFSA and the Member States .

This paper has been published on the DG Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) website and any interested party is welcome to send comments by mail to: or: by post to the following address: European Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General, Unit 03 Science and Stakeholder Relations, Mr R. Vanhoorde, Office F101, 04/168 B-1049 Brussels by 15 February 2007.

General comments may be made, but it is important for contributions to adhere to the structure of the paper and to respond to the questions raised under 4.3 and 5.3. Each contributor should identify himself: name and address of the person or the organisation and brief description of the sector of activity and/or interests he/it represents.

The responses or a summary of the responses will be published on the DG SANCO website at the following address:

Comments on this paper will be used in drawing up the Commission report laid down in Article 45 mentioned above.

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