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EFSA Press Release, 19 June 2006

EFSA - Renewal of EFSA Management Board

Today, the Council has appointed seven members to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Management Board. The Management Board is a fundamental pillar of EFSA's organisational structure. It guarantees the Authority's independence and ensures the effective implementation of its mission. Members have been appointed in their personal capacities and for their commitment to act independently in the public interest. These members will join the seven others in place since the initial Board was appointed in July 2002. The inaugural meeting of the newly re-constituted Board will take place on 12th September.

The seven members are: Diána Bánáti, Marianne Elvander, Peter Gæmelke, Marion Guillou, Bart Sangster, Roland Vaxelaire, Konstantinos Yazitzoglou. They all have proven expertise and longstanding experience in a wide range of areas related to the Authority's mission, notably in food science, risk assessment and involvement in the EU food safety system. These members will bring their own distinctive perspectives on food and feed safety to the EFSA Board.

The new Management Board will further develop its own role in line with the changing needs of a growing Authority and will play a key part in taking forward EFSA's strategic vision, after the start up phase of adopting rules and procedures to which the initial Board gave an essential contribution.

The appointed candidates replace seven of the 14 members from the first EFSA Management Board whose term of office will end on 30 June 2006. The Council's decision follows consultation with the European Parliament, on the basis of the outcome of a call for expressions of interest launched in 2005 by the European Commission.

Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, one of the vice-chairs of EFSA's Board, will join EFSA as new Executive Director on July 1. She will therefore resign from the Board on 20th June, at the end of the last meeting of the current Board, leaving a vacancy. The European Commission is currently considering the procedure to be followed in order to fill this vacancy.

At the inaugural meeting on 12th September, the new Chair and the vice-chairs will be elected.

For detailed information on the EFSA Management Board please see:

The seven appointments are as follows:

The appointments of Peter Gæmelke, Bart Sangster and Roland Vaxelaire are a renewal of their current mandate as they have been founding members of the EFSA Board established in 2002.

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