Food Law News - EU - 2006

EFSA Press Release, 20 June 2006

EFSA - Management Board paves the way for EFSA's future developments: Key recommendations reviewed following EFSA Evaluation

The EFSA Management Board discussed today recommendations arising from the report on EFSA's evaluation following public consultation on the document earlier this year. The Board focused on key directions for action as follows: further develop and strengthen co-operation with Member States; enhance EFSA's internal organisation; strengthen EFSA's relationship with its institutional partners; enhance the impact and effectiveness of EFSA risk communications; and explore further development of the Authority's mandate. To this end, the Board will seek to enhance EFSA's role in the area of nutrition and health taking into account views of key institutional partners and stakeholders.

This marked the 26th and final meeting of the Management Board in place since September 2002. Following appointment of seven new members by Council, the inaugural meeting of the newly reconstituted Board will take place on 12th September.

Commenting on the results of the EFSA evaluation, the outgoing Chair, Stuart Slorach stated: Whilst this evaluation was carried out early in the life of EFSA, the overall outcomes are positive and give the Authority clear directions for the future. I am pleased to have participated in the establishment of EFSA and am confident that the recommendations outlined by the Board today will help guide the Authority's future development and growth.

The proposal outlining recommendations discussed by the EFSA Management Board with respect to the external evaluation of EFSA can be found at: This document will be finalised in the light of today's discussions in the near future.

Additional Note

The evaluation of EFSA was carried out in compliance with Article 61 of EFSA's Founding Regulation by Bureau van Dijk Ingénieurs Conseil and Arcadia International. The final evaluation report was presented to the EFSA Management Board in December 2005 and following publication on the EFSA website was submitted for public consultation from January to 28 February 2006 ( The Evaluation report was also discussed by: the Scientific Committee, the Advisory Forum, the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform and EFSA Staff. The Management Board had further opportunity to discuss the report's contents and comments made following the public consultation at its Away Day on 28 March.

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