Food Law News - EU - 2006

EFSA Press Release, 28 March 2006

EFSA - EFSA Management Board launches public consultation

In line with its policy of openness and transparency, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) today launched a public consultation to gather comments on a recently-published independent report on the Authority and its work. On behalf of the Management Board, EFSA is inviting all interested parties to submit comments and suggestions on the report, and in particular on its recommendations , through its website by 28 February 2006 .

The evaluation, carried out by an independent external evaluator as required by EFSA's Founding Regulation [See below, 1], aims at assessing its achievements, working practices and impact and takes into account the views of the European Commission, the European Parliament, competent organisations in the Member States and stakeholders at both Community and national level. The Management Board has decided through this open consultation to seek feedback on the report from any interested party.

The Board will consider the outcome of the initiative after 28 February 2006 before developing its overall conclusions and recommendations. The Board's recommendations, which could lead to changes in the Authority and its working practices, will be issued to the Commission and, at the same time, shared with the European Council and the European Parliament. It is expected that these recommendations will be finalised and made public in June. Herman Koëter, EFSA's Acting Executive Director said: “I am very happy with the Management Board's decision to release the Evaluation Report and seek public comments. Meanwhile EFSA staff is already taking good note of several practical recommendations and suggestions it can implement without delay”.

All documents relating to the consultation are available on the EFSA website at:


[1] Regulation (EC) No 178/2002- Article 61.1: Before 1 January 2005 and every six years thereafter, the Authority, in collaboration with the Commission, shall commission an independent external evaluation of its achievements on the basis of the terms of reference issued by the Management Board in agreement with the Commission. ….

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