Food Law News - EU - 2005

FSA News item, 11 May 2005

GM FOOD - Action on unauthorised GM imports

A method for detecting residues from genetically modified Bt10 maize has been developed and agreed by the European Commission.

This means that public analysts in the UK and accredited commercial laboratories are also able to carry out specific and sensitive tests for Bt10 maize, which was accidentally supplied to some farmers in the US during 2001 to 2004.

The Agency is drawing up a sampling programme to check that maize products marketed in the UK are free from residues of Bt10 maize.

European Union Member States agreed on 15 April to introduce temporary control measures on imports of certain animal feed ingredients from the US , to ensure that they are free from material that is derived from unauthorised Bt10 maize.

Commission Decision 2005/317/EC requires that all consignments of corn gluten feed and brewers' grains from the USA are tested and shown to be free from Bt10. This decision will be reviewed before the end of October 2005.

UK feed producers and merchants have been advised to check the materials in their possession to ensure that it is free from residues of Bt10 maize.

UK food producers have informed the Agency that they continue to use non-GM sources and therefore Bt10 would not be present in food products on sale in the UK .

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