Food Law News - EU - 2005

FSA Consultation Letter, 11 March 2005

ADDITIVES - Draft Proposals for New EU Regulations on Food Additives and Enzymes

In the FSA letter of 18 September 2003 , the FSA sought views on two draft European Commission working documents for new Framework Regulations on food additives and food enzymes. In a subsequent letter of 12 May 2004 , they circulated a revised version (6th draft) of the working document on food additives.

The FSA are now writing to seek views on the latest drafts of each of these working documents, which were tabled at the Commission's Working Group on Food Additives meeting in Brussels at the end of February. The Commission has indicated that it does not consider that there will be further discussion on either of the proposals. It is committed to formally publishing both of these, together with one on flavourings, during the 4th quarter of 2005. The three proposals will form a package of "food improvement agents".

Given below is a short summary of the food additives and enzymes proposals prepared by the FSA. The text of the proposals has been circulated but is not provided electronically. The Commission is seeking comments from Member States on both documents by 31 March and the FSA would be grateful if these could be sent directly to the Commission.

Draft Proposal For A New European Parliament And Council Regulation On Food Additives Authorised For Use In Foodstuffs Intended For Human Consumption (Doc. WGA1004/03 rev.10)

The Commission's proposal is for a single EU Regulation intended to replace Directive 89/107/EEC (the food additives framework Directive), and eventually replace and repeal Directives 95/2/EC on food additives other than colours and sweeteners, Directive 94/35/EC on sweeteners for use in foodstuffs and Directive 94/36/EC on colours for use in foodstuffs. The key aims of the proposal are as follows

Draft Proposal For A New European Parliament And Council Regulation On Enzymes Used Or Intended For Use In Foods (Doc. WGA1003/03 rev.8)

The Commission's proposal is for an EU Regulation to control uses of enzymes in foods. At present some enzymes used as additives are regulated under Directive 95/2/EC whereas controls on others that are used as processing aids are not harmonised across the EU and are subject to different measures in each Member States. This Proposal will harmonise the regulation of enzymes at Community level. The key aims of the proposal are as follows:

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