Food Law News - EU - 2004

Commission Midday Express, 26 July 2004

POULTRY - Avian influenza in Asia : prolongation of import embargo on poultry products until 15 December

The European Commission has adopted a decision to continue the suspension of imports into the EU of chicken products and pet birds from several Asian countries where avian influenza has been confirmed since the beginning of this year. The countries concerned are Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Pakistan, China, South Korea and Vietnam. In some of these countries outbreaks of avian influenza still occur and the overall disease situation in the area remains unclear. The Commission therefore decided, with the support of the Standing Committee for the Food Chain and Animal Health, to prolong the existing ban (until 15 August 2004 - see IP/04/160) on imports of poultry products until 15 December 2004. In detail the ban covers fresh meat of poultry, ratites, wild and farmed feathered game, meat preparations, meat products and raw pet food consisting of, or containing meat of those species, eggs for human consumption, live birds, unprocessed feathers and untreated game trophies.

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