Food Law News - EU - 2004

Commission Midday Exress, 29 June 2004

GMOs - Council fails to reach agreement on GM maize NK603

On 28 June, European Environment ministers failed to reach an agreement in favour of or against the European Commission's proposal to authorise the import and processing of the genetically modified maize NK603 in the EU. In the absence of a Council decision, the file will now go back to the Commission for final decision. The decision is expected within the coming weeks. The maize has been modified for increased tolerance to the herbicide glyphosate by the company Monsanto. If authorised, the maize would be used as any other maize, except for cultivation and food uses. Its authorisation would be for 10 years and it would have to be clearly labelled as being genetically modified. The approval for food uses is pending decision under EU GM Food legislation.

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