Food Law News - EU - 2004

Council Press Release, 26 April 2004

CONTAMINANTS - Dioxin content of Baltic Salmon - Council discussions

The Danish delegation drew the attention of the Council and the Commission to the precautionary measures taken by the Danish Government concerning Baltic salmon following the discovery of dioxin content in excess of Community standards. Denmark introduced a fishing and marketing ban on Baltic salmon on 31 March 2004. The Danish delegation expressed the wish to have further details from the Commission concerning the measures taken at Community level.

Commissioner Byrne, having thanked the Danish delegation, reminded the delegations that his Institution already expressed its concerns as regards the presence of dioxin in food and feed. He stressed that maximum levels had already been set for food, feed and fish since 2001 and that limits had already been set to the presence of dioxin in order to protect public health. He encouraged acceding countries to submit as soon as possible their data concerning Baltic salmon.

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