Food Law News - EU - 2003

EP Daily News, 2 July 2003

GM FOOD - Genetically modified food and feed - European Parliament debate

Report on the Council common position for adopting a European Parliament and Council regulation on genetically modified food and feed

Parliament adopted a draft legislative resolution on genetically modified food and feed, which amends Council's common position. The key amendments adopted by Parliament are as follows:

Parliament also adopted a number of changes aimed at streamlining the procedures relating to applications for initial authorisations and for renewals and interim reports. The common position stipulates that applications for initial authorisations should be submitted to the national competent authority of a Member State but that all applications for renewals and all interim reports should be addressed to the Commission. MEPs point out that this division of responsibilities is contrary to the principles of proper administration and are calling for initial authorisations, renewals and interim reports to be submitted to the competent authority of the Member State where the initial authorisation was applied for.

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