Food Law News - EU - 2002

FSA Letter, 22 July 2002

LABELLING - Ingredient Listing and Allergens

There have been four Working Group meetings on this topic and the European Parliament's first reading amendments have been published.

The first meeting under the Danish Presidency will be held on 25th July. A text prepared for that meeting (document number SN 3063/02) is available (SN 3063/02 pdf file), which illustrates quite clearly the changes to the original text that have been gaining support over the last few months. Additions to the Commission's original proposal are marked in bold, deletions are indicated by […]. Briefly,

The Danes are aiming for agreement on a Common Position during their Presidency (July to December 2002) and are planning to take this to the Internal Market Council meeting on 30th September. They have also pencilled in the Internal Market Council meeting on 14th November for possible final adoption.


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