Food Law News - EU - 2002

Council Minutes, 21 May 2002

HYGIENE - Hygiene of Foodstuffs

Extract from the minutes of the 2426th Council meeting - Internal Market/Consumers/Tourism

The Council was informed of progress on the proposal for a Regulation laying down general rules on the hygiene of foodstuffs (8480/02). The Presidency underlined the importance of concluding this matter as soon as possible, as it would be submitted to the Agriculture Council for political agreement at its meeting on 27 June, with a view to the adoption of a common position.

It was pointed out that this matter forms part of a package of five proposals presented by the Commission in July 2000 with a view to consolidating, updating and simplifying Community legislation in this area. The principles laid down in the proposal are as follows: application of the hygiene rules throughout the food production chain; making producers primarily responsible for food safety; traceability of all foodstuffs and all ingredients contained therein.

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