Food Law News - EU - 2001

Standing Committee for Foodstuffs, Extract from minutes of meeting - 17-18 December 2001

PARNUTS - Discussion on "Energy Drinks".

Discussion on "Energy Drinks".

Information provided by the Greek Authorities on medical incidents that included consumption of "energy drinks" in the case history had been circulated to the Committee. In addition the Committee was informed that the Director General had recently signed a letter seeking co-operation between Member States and the Commission services to consider the issue of "energy drinks". Members of the Committee gave an update on the investigation and initiatives within their own countries. Some Members continued to express concerns about the products. The Chairman explained that the Commission services could not take action in the absence of safeguard measures by a Member State. It was noted that when the regulation on the European Food Safety Authority comes into effect in early 2002 there would be provisions allowing the Commission to take emergency measures on its own initiative. The Committee agreed that a meeting of experts should be arranged to investigate possible options for action.

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