Food Law News - EU - 2001

Standing Committee for Foodstuffs - Extract from minutes of meeting, 25 October 2001

FLAVOURINGS - Register of flavourings - further discussions

Exchange of views and possible opinion on a draft Commission decision amending commission decision 1999/217/EC adopting a register of flavouring substances used in or on foodstuffs. Sanco/0847/2001-Rev.1-3

As the deadlines for comments from WTO and EP had not expired, the draft was not submitted to the Committee for a formal vote. Nevertheless, the exchange of views indicated consensus on the new drafting, which also proposes the deletion of two substances (methyleugenol and estragole) from the list. In its opinion of 26.9.2001, the SCF had considered these substances to be genotoxic and carcinogenic.

Although the issue was obviously correctly dealt with as far as the register of flavouring substances was concerned, the Italian delegate expressed the view that reflection is necessary on the possible consequences of the above SCF opinions on public health as the two compounds occur naturally in a number of foods (more precisely in certain herbs, spices and plants).

The impossibility to vote being only the consequence of procedural formalities, the Chairperson concluded that the matter could now be placed on the agenda of the December meeting of the Committee for a vote without further discussion.

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