Food Law News - EU - 2001

FSA (Wales) Letter, 28 September 2001

COMPOSITIONAL STANDARDS - EC Directives Relating to Honey, Sugars and Fruit Jams, Jellies and Marmalades and Sweetened Chestnut Puree

In May of last year the Internal Market Council reached political agreement on Council Directives relating to The Directives are a consolidation of previous Directives and their subsequent amendments. They are intended to make the rules on the conditions for the production and marketing of these products more accessible and bring them into line with general Community legislation on foodstuffs, particularly on labelling, contaminants and methods of analysis.

Formal adoption of the Directives has been delayed while the European Parliament (EP) and the Commission resolve their disagreements on which aspects of the directives the EP should be allowed to consider again. The Commission wish the EP to restrict themselves to comitology aspects; the EP want a second chance to comment on the whole Directive.

It is understood that the EP is content with the proposed comitology changes. However the rapporteur responsible for these directives within the EP has recently put forward additional amendments to many of the proposals. The Parliament's Environment Committee will be considering these formally, probably in the autumn before an official EP opinion is issued. The Commission will then need to decide whether to agree to the EP's proposals. This of course could prove difficult since MS's have already voted on the directives and any substantive changes may need to be considered again.

Once the Directives come into force, the Agency will have 18 months to bring into force domestic implementing legislation.

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