Food Law News - EU - 2001

Standing Committee on Foodstuffs, 19 - 20 July 2001

HYGIENE - Discussions at the Standing Committee on Foodstuffs

(a) Guides to good hygiene practices (GHPs) : Discussion on current situation and future plans.

The Commission presented a document containing the updated list of guides to good hygiene practices validated at national level by competent authorities of Member States. These guides are seen as an important part of applying the requirement of Directive 93/43/EEC on the hygiene of foodstuffs to different food sectors. Member States have much appreciated this initiative and encouraged the Commission to develop further this work. Some Member States suggested making these guides available in more than one language for consultation and a better use by all Member States and interested parties.

Member States were invited to communicate possible errors or changes in the list by 30 September 2001. A revised copy of the list will then be circulated at a next CPDA meeting. Once finalised, the Commission announced the intention to publish the list of guides to good hygiene practices on the SANCO web site.

(b) Transport of bulk liquid oils and fats by sea : Discussion on possible revision of the directive 96/3/EC.

The Commission summarised the background of the question in these terms: - Commission Directive 96/3/EC, derogating from certain provisions of Directive 93/43/EEC on the hygiene of foodstuffs, does not require dedicated transport but allows for oils and fats to be transported in bulk tanks which have previously been used to transport substances from a positive list (list of acceptable previous cargoes);

Following this introduction, the Committee proceeded with an exchange of views on possible improvements of the current directive and, in particular, about the need to amend the annex containing the list of acceptable previous cargoes. These general conclusions have been drawn from the discussion:

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