Food Law News - EU - 2001

Standing Committee on Foodstuffs, 19 - 20 July 2001

ENFORCEMENT - Coordinated programmes for official control of foodstuffs

Discussion on current situation and future plans.

The situation reported by Member States on the co-ordinated control programme for 2001 indicate that work is proceeding without major problems and that the programme doesn't need adaptations.

The Commission, for preliminary discussion, presented a paper with some suggestions for the co-ordinated control programme 2002. In particular, a number of issues have been proposed by the Commission to establish such a programme: Compliance and enforcement of EC Regulations 1139/98 and 49/2000 on GM foodstuffs labelling;

A short discussion indicated that the Committee welcomed these proposals. As regards, in particular, the proposal concerning GM foodstuffs labelling, several Member States have underlined the importance and the political sensitivity of the subject. However Member States considered it necessary to have some more time to evaluate the proposals with the competent authorities and experts before taking a definitive position. Some Member States also indicated that more detailed information would be necessary in order to establish the real amount of work to be accomplished.

Representatives of France and Portugal suggested extending the control programme to include investigation of some categories of contaminants in foodstuffs where it is considered important to have more experience and to collect data at Community level.

Commission invited Member States to submit their comments and further proposals for the preparation of the co-ordinated control programme for 2002 by 15 September 2001. A first draft proposal of recommendation should be presented at next CPDA meeting in October. Where necessary, the Commission has indicated the possibility to convene an expert meeting late in September in order to discuss how to establish this programme effectively.

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