Food Law News - EU - 2001

FSA Letter, 6 September 2001

LABELLING - Proposal for EU Legislation on Labelling of Foods Containing Caffeine and Quinine

The letter is seeking views of on a proposal. Currently on the FSA web site at: See also previous item on 6 March 2001.

The proposal would require:

The proposal is due to be discussed in the Standing Committee on Foodstuffs on 19 September. The FSA do not expect a vote to be taken at that meeting. If Member States are broadly in favour a vote may be taken at the December meeting of the Committee.

The FSA would be grateful for views on any aspect of the proposal. In particular, the FSA poses the following questions:

Comments are requested by no later than 17 September. Any comments received after that date will also be welcome but will be too late to take into account for the initial discussion on this draft directive.

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