Food Law News - EU - 2001

FSA Letter, 23 August 2001

FOOD LAW/ EUROPEAN FOOD AUTHORITY - Proposed EP/Council Regulation Laying Down the General Principles and Requirements of Food Law, Establishing the European Food Authority, and Laying Down Procedures in Matters of Food Safety

The letter is to inform people that the proposal reached political agreement at Transport Council in June of this year and that the European Parliament is expected to give its second reading in October or November of this year.

At this point the FSA would be interested in hearing any further comments on articles 18 (traceability) and 19 and 20 (responsibilities on food businesses and feed businesses respectively) in the section entitled General Requirements of Food Law. According to the current text of the proposal, these articles will apply from 1 January 2005. When looking at these articles, the letter suggests that people might wish to consider the following questions:

The letter enclosed a copy of the relevant sections of the current text of the proposal, namely chapters I (scope and definitions) and II (general food law). [A pdf copy of the current version of these Chapters is available on this site at: Proposal]. The rest of the proposal is concerned with establishing the European Food Authority (chapter III) and creation of an extended rapid alert system, crisis management procedures and emergency measures for food and feed (chapter IV) and procedures and final provisions (chapter V).

Comments are requested Friday 21 September 2001.

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