Food Law News - EU - 2001

Council Meeting Minutes, 30-31 May 2001

PARNUTS/FOOD LAW/EUROPEAN FOOD AUTHORITY - Council Minutes - 2351st Council meeting: Internal Market / Consumer Affairs / Tourism

The following are extracts from the provisional minutes:

Directive on Food Supplements

The Presidency concluded that its compromise for a common position on the Directive relating to food supplements did not meet a sufficient degree of agreement.

The Council will therefore revert to this issue at one of its next sessions.

European Food Authority / Food Law

Following an orientation debate, the Council agreed on a common approach on the main elements of the proposed Regulation. Nevertheless, certain aspects have still to be finalised, in particular those relating to the composition of the Management Board of the future European Food Authority. The Council called on the Permanent Representatives Committee to examine without delay the opinion of the European Parliament, when available, and to look into the issues which have yet to be finalised, with a view to reaching a political agreement before the end of June.

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