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Commission Web Pages, 23 May 2001

LABELLING - Discssuion Paper on Nutrition Claims and Functional Claims

The Commission has published a Discssuion Paper on Nutrition Claims and Functional Claims. It is available in pdf format from DG SANCO at:
or on these pages at:

The following is taken from the introduction:

This discussion paper attempts to present in a neutral and objective way the main issues that have emerged in discussions relating to the harmonisation of rules on nutrition claims and functional claims in order to extend understanding of the rationale behind the various approaches to these issues.

It does not represent the opinion of the Commission or its services.

This discussion paper presents the points that need to be considered and debated with a view to introducing a legislative proposal for harmonisation. It invites comments in particular on the following issues:

Parts of this discussion paper put forward criteria for making nutrition claims, since relevant work has already been carried out in national and international fora. These criteria are presented in order to have a starting point for the discussion.

On the basis of the comments received, the Commission services will prepare a proposal for a measure on this subject.

Health claims as such, and in particular "disease risk reduction claims", are not dealt with in this paper. The Commission is aware that there are types of claims other than nutrition claims and functional claims used in labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs. These are covered by legislation or other measures in some Member States. They are under discussion in other Member States and international fora, such as Codex Alimentarius and the Council of Europe. Given the complexity of the issue, these claims will be the subject of a separate consultation at a later stage.

The deadline for comments is: FRIDAY 20 JULY 2001

Written comments should be sent to:

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