Food Law News - EU - 2001

Council Press Release (7795/01), 24 April 2001

BSE / FOOD LAW - 2343rd Council meeting - AGRICULTURE

Future Strategy on the Use of Processed Animal Proteins in Feedingstuffs - Council Conclusions

At the request of several delegations, the Council had an orientation debate on the future of its decision to ban the use of processed animal protein in feed for animal for farmed animals until 30 June 2001.

The Council considered the report from the Commission on the implementation in Member States of Community legislation on the control of BSE and the latest scientific advice. The Council underlined the importance of the effective application of the measures provided for in this legislation.

The Council welcomes the intention of the Commission to propose to the Standing Veterinary Committee a decision prolonging the ban on the use of animal protein in animal feed.

Food Law, European Food Authority and Procedures in Matters Of Food

The Council took note of a report on the progress achieved in discussing a regulation laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Authority and laying down procedures in matters of food.

The Council stated that progress had been achieved and recalled that the Food Authority should be in place early next year in accordance with the tasks assigned by the European Council in Nice and reaffirmed by the European Council in Stockholm. It stated that the Agriculture Council will remain closely associated with the work concerning the establishment of the European Food Authority and that the aim is to achieve a political decision by June 2001.

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