Food Law News - EU - 2001

Council Press Release (6926/01), 12 March 2001

EUROPEAN FOOD AUTHORITY / GM FOODS - Council Meeting: Internal Market/Consumer Affairs/Tourism

European Food Authority

The Council took note of the progress made on this dossier since the beginning of the year and had a brief exchange of views on some of the main issues raised by the proposal, in particular concerning:

Some delegations also mentioned the question of the seat of the Authority.

In concluding this item, the Council stressed the importance of respecting the conclusion of the Nice European Council that the Authority should be operational as from the beginning of 2002.

Traceability and Labelling of Genetically Modified Organisms and Traceability of Food and Feed Products Derived from Genetically Modified Organisms

The Council heard from the Commission on the state of work on a proposal for a Regulation on traceability and labelling of GMOs and products derived therefrom.

The Council also took note of the interventions by Member States and encouraged the Commission to conclude its work on this proposal as soon as possible.

The Commission proposal on traceability and labelling of GMOs is seen as a very important complement to the new Directive on the deliberate release of GMOs into the environment (replacing Directive 90/220) and has been expected by the Council for a number of months. At the moment of adoption by the Environment Council of the new Directive on deliberate release, a number of declarations were recorded on the issue of labelling and traceability. These invite the Commission to conclude as soon as possible the work on the necessary instruments to ensure effective traceability systems and coherent labelling of GMOs.

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