Food Law News - EU - 2001

FSA Letter, 23 January 2001

PARNUTS - Proposed Directive On Food Supplements

Further to FSA letters of 16 May, 7 July, 21 September and 24 October 2000 the letter provides an update on further discussions in Brussels.

A Council Working Group was held on January 22. The Swedish Chairman expects this group to meet again to complete its work on 8 February. A copy of the amended draft text (pdf format) under discussion is available (with draft amendments in bold). At this stage none of these draft amendments have been finally agreed in the group or adopted by the Commission. The key changes under discussion are:

The proposed positive lists (Annexes 1 and 2) were discussed briefly but no conclusions were drawn. The FSA will be pushing for a more substantive discussion of these lists at the next meeting.

The European Parliament is now expected to vote on its final position in February 2001.

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