Food Law News - EU - 2000

Commission Press Release (IP/00/1395), 30 November 2000

BSE - Results of the Standing Veterinary Committee on BSE

The Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) today discussed two new measures to combat BSE proposed by the European Commission yesterday: The temporary ban of the feeding of meat and bone meal (MBM) to all farm animals and the inclusion of the intestine to the list of specified risk materials. A third proposal on the financing of the test programmes for "risk animals" was also discussed.

On the temporary ban of the feeding of meat and bone meal (MBM) the Committee did not reach a qualified majority. The proposal will now be put to the Agriculture Ministers meeting on Monday 4 December which was convened to discuss the BSE situation.

The Committee gave a favourable opinion on the Commission proposal to include the entire intestine of bovines of all ages to the current list of specified risk materials (SRMs). This proposal is based on a new recommendation from the Scientific Steering Committee to consider the entire intestine as a SRM. After formal adoption by the Commission, the decision will apply from 1 January 2001.

The SVC also voted in favour of a draft Commission decision approving the programmes of the Member States and fixing the level of Commission financial contribution with regard to the testing of all animals at risk over 30 months of age (emergency slaughtered animals and animals displaying clinical signs at normal slaughter). The financial participation of the Commission for the programmes approved is million 15.5 euro. The testing programme will start on the 1 January 2001.

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