Food Law News - EU - 2000

FSA Letter, 2 August 2000

ADDITIVES - Commission Working Group on Food Additives: 3 and 4 July 2000

The letter enclosed copies of two documents discussed at the above meeting in Brussels on the above dates. The texts have yet to be finalised by the Commission. The FSA should be in a position to circulate the Commission's formal finalised texts later this year. Draft Regulatory Assessments will be drawn up once the FSA has copies of the Commission's finalised texts.

Proposal to amend the Food Additives Framework Directive 891107/EEC (Doc WGA/003/00rev1)

This Commission proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive, seeks to amend Directive 89/107/EEC in three main respects:

A provision in an earlier version of the proposal to include enzymes within the scope of Directive 89/107 has been dropped. The Commission intends to issue its formal proposal at the end of the year. The Commission also intends to introduce separate provisions harmonising the controls on enzymes by the end of the year.

Draft amendment to Commission Directives on purity criteria (95/31/EC. 95/45/EC and 96/77/EC) concerning food additives from genetically modified sources (Doc.SAN CO/1796/2000)

This draft is a simplified version of earlier proposals. It concentrates on issues of most concern to consumers (additives from GM sources) rather than covering additives prepared using production methods or starting materials which are significantly different from existing ones. It contains a requirement for a safety evaluation by the Scientific Committee on Food for additives (colours, sweeteners and miscellaneous additives) prepared from GM techniques or from GM starting material. The proposal will be referred to the Standing Committee on Foodstuffs for an exchange of views later in the year.

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