Food Law News - EU - 2000

FSA Letter, 7 August 2000

LABELLING - Application of QUID to Ham, Bacon, Cheese, and Ingredients of Compound Ingredients

This letter reports the outcome of discussions in Brussels on the application of QUID (Quantitative Ingredient Declarations) to ham, bacon, certain cheeses, and ingredients of compound ingredients.

Ham and bacon

At a meeting of the Standing Committee for Foodstuffs in Brussels on 26th June, the European Commission confirmed that QUID declaration of meat content should be given for any ham, bacon or similar product containing more than 5% added water. The EU guidance notes are to be updated to make this clear. We will be making similar amendments to the UK version as part of a general review of those guidance notes. The revised guidance notes will be issued in draft for public consultation later this year.


The European Commission also indicated that, in its view, where cheeses made from blends of milk from different species make reference to this in the name of the product, QUID declarations are needed for each of the different milks used.

Compound ingredients

The Commission also indicated it would be seeking the views of member states on its view that, where ingredients of compound ingredients attract QUID declarations, the indication must be given as a percentage of the whole product rather than as a percentage of the compound ingredient. The present guidance notes permit such QUID declarations to be given either as a percentage of the whole product, provided the basis of the declaration is made clear to the consumer and is consistent with the method used for ingredient listing. We will be responding to the Commission on this basis and will keep you informed of developments.

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