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10 February 2000: FLAVOURINGS - Commission Working Group on Flavourings

JFSSG Letter, 10 February 2000

Commission Working Group on Flavourings, 26 January 2000

The letter provides an update on two issues following the latest Working Group meeting, which took place in Brussels on 26 January:

There was no discussion of future controls on the use of additives in flavourings due to lack of time.

Proposed amendments to the flavourings framework directive 88/388/EEC

Discussion focused on the latest draft Commission proposal (document WGF/009199 - rev.2), a copy of which was attached to the letter. The main discussion points were as follows:

The Commission agreed to reflect on the various comments and will take further advice from its Legal Service on the question of scope. In the meantime, it invited any additional comments on the proposal.

EC flavourings register - evaluation programme

Discussion focused on proposed changes to the published register of flavouring substances and the evaluation programme for these substances. On changes to the register, the Commission sought advice from MS on the inclusion of several substances, including neohesperidine, cysteine and glycine, most of which received only limited support because of doubts as to whether they met the definition of "flavouring". The Commission intends to present a list of corrections and updates for approval at the next meeting of the Standing Committee for Foodstuffs on 17 February. It indicated that the list will include the above mentioned substances and asked MS to consider whether they could support the proposal as it stands or only if certain of the substances are removed.

On the evaluation programme, the Commission explained the rationale behind its revised proposal which formalises the data requirements for the forthcoming evaluations by the EC Scientific Committee on Food and sets the overall parameters for the review. The Commission will present the proposal for agreement at the next Standing Committee meeting.

Next Steps

No date has yet been set for the next Working Group meeting.

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