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Food Law News - UK - 2018

FSA Local Authority Letter (FSAEN18059), 17 December 2018

ENFORCEMENT - Regulating our Future (ROF) - change expectations for local authorities for 2019-2020. Update on the outcome of the consultation on the Food Law Code of Practice

The following is the text of a notification from the FSA to local authorities.

FSA Local Authority Letter: Regulating our Future (ROF) - change expectations for local authorities for 2019-2020

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Summary: Summary ROF programme update to inform Local Authority Food Law Enforcement Service Plan and Official Control resource planning for 2019-2020

I wanted to update you on two issues prior to the Christmas holiday break.

Regulating our Future (ROF) - change expectations for local authorities for 2019-2020

You will be aware that over the last year we have progressed from planning for food regulatory reform under the Regulating Our Future Programme (ROF) to delivery and implementation of some of the key elements of the modernised system. We want to provide you with some detail of what will be happening over the next twelve months and the changes we anticipate for local authorities. We hope that this will help for planning your work activities and programmes for the new financial year.

The appended table provides information on the areas of work that we will be taking forward next year where local authority change activity will be needed. It also outlines other areas of work where further development work will be taking place and on which we anticipate consultation/engagement with you over the next year.

Consultation on the Food Law Code of Practice (England)

We are very grateful to all those who responded to the consultation that took place between July and September this year and for your views on changes that we proposed to align the Code with ROF changes to the regulatory system.

We are currently finalising the formal response and anticipate that we will issue this in early January. In the meantime, I can confirm that following analysis of the responses and further consideration of the issues, we propose at this stage only to take forward amendments related to enhanced registration and Primary Authority national inspection strategies. These changes will not be made, however, until after April 2019 and should not have an impact on your planning for 2019/20.

We will also be giving further consideration to the other issues that we consulted on and will come back to you about those in due course.

Should you have any questions on the above, please direct your enquiry via the dedicated ROF mailbox:

In relation to the UK’s exit from the EU, we will write to you about the short-term impact on local authorities once we have more clarity on the terms of exit.

Finally, I should like to take this opportunity to thank all our local authority colleagues for the important work that they have undertaken over the last year in protecting public health and consumer safety, and for all your contributions to helping us shape a modernised system through the ROF programme.

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