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Food Law News - UK - 2018

FSA Local Authority Letter (FSAEN18052), 22 November 2018

ENFORCEMENT - Publication of review of Food Standards delivery

FSA: Food Standards Delivery Review - Report of Findings

A copy of this report is available on this site (click on image). The text of the covering letter is given below.

Provided uder the Open Government Licence. The original document can be seen at: LINK

We have today published our review of how food standards work is delivered across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You will be aware that we carried out a survey of all local authorities (LAs) across the three countries and we received responses from 104 LAs.

The survey assessed how LAs plan and prioritise their food standards work, the resources and capacity they have and how they measure the success of their programmes. We have had growing concerns that the delivery of food standards official controls is not working as well as it should be. The overall survey specification was developed with the assistance of local authorities, the CTSI and promoted through ACTSO and the national Food Standards and Labelling Focus Group (FSLG). This survey provides robust evidence of the scale and nature of the problems and provides the building blocks for reform.

The results show that food standards delivery is hampered by inadequate resources, and an out of date and inflexible approach to regulation. Whilst the position varies across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it clearly demands action. It requires a fundamental look at how we provide better protection for consumers in the future, with flexibility to respond to rapidly changing circumstances, and targeting risks wherever they arise. Addressing food standards will become the next priority in our ROF programme to reform and improve food regulation.

The FSA Board will be discussing the Review and the survey findings on the 5 December and we will be aiming to agree a way forward at the meeting.

Note: Provided under the Open Government Licence.  The letter was originally accessed from the FSA Communication Site

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