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Food Law News - UK - 2018

FSA Consultation, 11 September 2018

HYGIENE - Proposed Changes to the UK Health and Identification Marking

Proposed Changes to the UK Health and Identification Marking

A copy of the consultation document is available on this site (click on image).


The FSA welcomes stakeholders’ views on proposed changes to the health and identification marks that must be applied to food products of animal origin to confirm they have been inspected and are fit for human consumption.  Closing date 8 October 2018

About this consultation

This consultation is of interest to local authorities, the food industry, and approved premises in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Consultation subject

The detail of the UK’s future relationship with the EU remains subject to negotiation. However, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is consulting stakeholders on a number of detailed issues where it is clear that, whatever the outcome of those negotiations, a change to business practices will be necessary. This consultation concerns changes to health and identification marks on certain food products.

Consultation purpose

When the UK leaves the EU, the letters ‘EU’ or ‘EC’ within the current marks will no longer be permitted. This change will impact on all approved establishments. To provide for this change, the FSA proposes to amend the current health and identification mark by removing the ‘EU’ or ‘EC’ prefix.

The dimensions and form of the current health and identification marks will remain the same, including the 'UK' abbreviation representing England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will continue to be a single mark incorporating the establishment approval number, which will also remain unchanged.

This update will ensure that UK products continue to display an appropriate label that clearly shows the product has been subject to the strict health and welfare checks that will continue after the UK leaves the EU.

The purpose of this consultation is to receive views and further information from the industry on these proposed changes and their potential impact.

Note: This formal consultation is similar to an initial informal consultation - see: 27 July 2018 HYGIENE - Proposed changes to the health and identification marks

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