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Food Law News - EU - 2018

Commission e-News, 17 April 2018

WASTE - EU action against food waste: Commission publishes guidelines to facilitate valorisation of food no longer intended for human consumption as animal feed

COMMISSION NOTICE Guidelines for the feed use of food no longer intended for human consumption

This document has been published in the Official Journal (OJ C133, 12.4.2018 page 2) and can be downloaded from there (click on image).

The Commission has published the "Guidelines for the feed use of food no longer intended for human consumption", as integral part of the communication on the Circular Economy. The valorisation of the nutrients of food which is, for commercial reasons or due to problems of manufacturing, no longer intended for human consumption, via animal nutrition avoids that these materials are composted, transformed in biogas or disposed of by incineration or landfilling.

Available in all EU languages, these Guidelines should assist the national and local competent authorities, as well as the operators in the food chain, in applying the relevant Union legislation. Legal clarity is therefore enhanced and examples of best practices that are in compliance with the current Union regulatory framework while preventing unnecessary administrative burden are presented. The document contains 15 concrete clarifications and assisting directions for Authorities and stakeholders.

The EU Guidelines were developed by the Commission in close cooperation with the food, feed, animal health and environmental authorities of the Member States and the members of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste [LINK] and other stakeholders.

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