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Food Law News - UK - 2017

FSA Enforcement Letter (ENF/E/17/078), 27 November 2017

HYGIENE - Watercress Industry Guide – Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice Published

The FSA is delighted to announce that the much anticipated Industry Guide to Good Hygiene: Watercress 2017 is now available for free.

Over the last 18 months an expert group has been developing this guide in consultation with the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland.

This industry guide provides watercress producers and authorised officers with practical advice on how to comply with food hygiene legislation and related requirements. This guide is officially recognised by the Food Standards Agency, Food Standards Scotland and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

Use of this industry guide is optional and food business operators can choose to comply in other ways. However, where a food business operator is following the guidance in a recognised industry guide, the enforcement authority must take this into account when assessing compliance with legislation.

The use of industry guides supports the proportionate, consistent and effective application of food hygiene in the UK.

This is the first Industry Guide that has been made available to all for free under the Open Government Licence. The guide can be downloaded at the following address:

Local authority enforcement officers with Watercress producers / growers should take advantage of this valuable resource.

Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice - Watercress

This guide is available as a pdf file from the 'Watercress' website (click on image)

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