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Food Law News - FAO / WHO / WTO / Codex - 2017

Codex Meeting Report, 19 May 2017

CODEX - Codex Coordinating Committee for the Near East (9th Session)

Given below is the Summary and Status of Work table presented in the Report of the 9th Session of the Codex Coordinating Committee for the Near East held in Rome, Italy on 15 -19 May 2017.

A copy of the report is available at: CCNEA9 FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Near East

Responsible Party






Members CCEXEC73 CAC40

Comments / Adoption

Proposed draft Regional Standard for Doogh



65, App.III



Relevant sections of the proposed draft Regional Standard for Doogh

Members CCEXEC73 CAC40 EWG (Lebanon) CCNE10

Comments / Adoption

Proposed draft Regional Standard for Mixed Zaatar



85, App.IV

Sections on composition, food additives and sampling to be further developed for finalization by CCNE10



The Islamic Republic of Iran be re-appointed as Coordinator for Near East


FAO/WHO Codex Secretariat Coordinator CCNE10

Information / Action

Food fraud (food authenticity/food integrity) is among the critical and emerging needs of the region, but should be addressed holistically through the entire Codex system (e.g. through the forthcoming Codex Strategic Plan 2020-2025)


FAO/WHO Members

Information / Action

Contaminants and national food control system infrastructure are the main issues of concern to the region


The online platform for information sharing on food safety control systems should be further reviewed and developed in particular as to its availability in Arabic language


Codex Secretariat Members

Information / Action

The survey on the use of Codex standards should be further developed in terms of functionalities of the survey and the issues to be covered in the next survey (new items and also to expand on others addressed in the current survey such as labelling vis-à-vis food fraud).

Countries of the region experience difficulties in adapting Codex standards to their national needs, access to Codex standards in Arabic language could facilitate this exercise as well as alignment of regulations of Codex members to Codex standards.


Codex Secretariat Coordinator Members

Information / Action

Discussion on Codex work relevant to the region should continue as a means to identify cross-cutting issues for the region and to seek regional support on such issues


Coordinator Monitoring Group CCNE10

Information / Action

Follow-up and report on the status of implementation of the activities of the Strategic Plan for CCNE 2016-2019


EWG (Lebanon) Members CCNE10

Information / Action

The discussion paper on ready-to-eat pre-packaged salads should be further developed to determine how best to deal with this issue within the Codex framework and to make a decision at CCNE10


Members CCNE10

Information / Action

Proposals for the development of standards for halal products; processed cheese (subject to the outcome of the discussion in CCMMP/CAC) and maamoul would be considered by CCNE10

97, 99, 100


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