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Food Law News - UK - 2017

FSA Web Pages, 17 March 2017

ENFORCEMENT - Food Standards Agency: Fourth edition of Regulating Our Future Newsletter

Welcome to the fourth Regulating our Future Newsletter. Below you can find out more about what the team has been up to and how the programme is progressing.

In this edition we will provide an update on the recent meeting of our Board, findings from two completed feasibility studies, feedback from a recent Expert Advisory Group meeting and a handy document which gives an overview of RoF.

FSA Board discussion - Regulating our Future

The FSA Board have identified the RoF programme is one of two overriding priorities for the second half of the FSA's 5 year strategy, through to 2020. At its March meeting, there was detailed debate about progress, and critical foundations for the emerging new model.

During the wide-ranging discussion, FSA Chairman Heather Hancock said: “Our ambition in doing this is not to loosen the reins. This is about our ownership, maintenance and driving forward of food standards and public protection.”

FSA Director Nina Purcell outlined what had been achieved so far. This included:

Nina also explained that a key corporate priority for the FSA was planning for the UK exiting the EU. She assured the Board that the RoF programme is working closely with colleagues leading on the planning for EU exit to ensure that the new delivery model is consistent with the on-going preparations.

The Board emphasised that, even against the backdrop of EU Exit, the FSA remains committed to delivering a fundamentally better system that offers agility and confidence as food risks and food businesses change. The FSA Executive was urged not to take its foot off the accelerator.

Second Expert Advisory Group Meeting

The second full meeting of the EAGs took place in early March with three key agenda items and two update items. The two groups reviewed progress on the Segmentation workstream which is at an early stage of development.

Nathan Phillippo – workstream lead – walked the Groups through his first iteration of a process map for segmenting food businesses. There were lots of questions and suggestions from both groups which helped Nathan in the development of the map.

The two groups met in plenary after lunch with updates provided on the feasibility studies with Mitchells & Butlers and Tesco and the development of a Certified Regulatory Auditor (CRA) role. The CRA role generated several questions, some of which it was too early to provide answers to. However, as details are added to the CRA role the EAGs will be given further opportunities and time to comment. For more information on the CRA role see the March FSA Board paper & video. Link

Di Cook, Chair of the Consumer Panel (that meets after the EAGs) provided a short summary of their first meeting. The EAGs were pleased with the level and depth of discussions with consumers and were keen to engage with the Consumer Panel, this is planned for later in the year.

Kate Thompson, workstream lead for Permit to Trade, talked to the groups about an Enhanced Registration that could lead to the Permit to Trade previously discussed. This discussion focused on the planning for success that was highlighted as a positive approach by the Industry EAG at their last meeting.       

Establishing working groups

We are looking to establish two new working groups to help with the development of options within the segmentation work stream. The working groups will be asked to consider:

We would happy to receive expression of interest from any individual with the relevant technical/specialist background or experience with the subject matter. If you are interested in participating in these groups could you please send your expression of interest, with a brief statement which provides details of your background or experience (no more than 250 words please) to     

One year in - hear from the RoF programme lead

We are one year into the major transformational programme of Regulating our Future, we think it’s a good time to catch up with Nina Purcell the programme lead.

Together with industry and stakeholders, we are co-designing a new model for the delivery of food regulation. We have to reform and improve our current system, so we keep making sure that people have safe food, food they can trust, and that it is what it says it is.

Below you can listen to a short video from Nina Purcell .

Nina the Senior Responsible Officer for Regulating our Future (ROF), who has overall responsibility for this programme within the FSA discusses the achievements so far, the programme challenges that keep her up at night and why she enjoys working on this programme.

Regulating Our Future - the journey ahead

RoF overarching model: Here you can find a copy of a summary leaflet which explains, in a simple and clear way, why we’ve embarked on the RoF programme, describes our programme to date and our timeline for the future. It will change and evolve as the programme develops and as it does we will amend the document and include in future newsletters. We hope you find it useful and stimulating.

For a copy on this site, see: Regulation Our Future: Summary Leaflet

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