Brexit: Currently the situation is unclear as to whether there will be a deal (with a transitional period) or whether there will be 'no deal'. For some guidance issued by the government (5 February 2019) on changes to food labelling, see DEFRA Food Labelling Guidance. See also copy of related press release: DEFRA Press Release.

These pages provide guidance on the content and application of the EU Provision of Food Information to Consumers Regulation (Regulation (EU) 1169/2011). This Regulation is directly applicable in the UK. It became a legal document in December 2011 but only became fully effective on 13 December 2014. One major new element, compulsory nutrition labelling for pre-packaged food, was only effectve from 13 December 2016. One minor new element (relating to the labelling of minced meat) applied from 1 January 2014.

The material presented here is relevant to the preparation of labels for use with pre-packed food products. These pages therefore do not provide a complete guide to the content of the EU Regulation which has a broader coverge. Where appropriate, labelling information is also provided based on other Regulations. Coverage of these aspects is not as comprehensive.

Transitional periods are commonly used in labelling to allow manufacturers to use up existing stocks on labels and to identify how best to comply with new requirements.

In addition to the EU Regulation, there are various supporting guidance documents. Where appropriate, refence is made to the available guidance.

IMPORTANT: These pages have been prepared to provide guidance. They do not represent a full statement of the legal requirements which are contained in the Regulations. Please consult the disclaimer for more details.

The following sections are provided:

Other information on labelling can also be found on the Web. A page of useful links has also been provided: