Additional mandatory requirements

The Regulation contains a listing of certain food which must provide additional information. This is contained in Annex III and details of these are given below. Certain other legilsation requires specific additional labelling - some of these are also given below.

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Annex III requirements

Foods packaged in certain gases

Example - Yogurt Coated Nuts and Raisins
Example - Cheddar Cheese

Foods containing sweeteners:

Example - Name with Sweeteners
Example - Contains Aspartame

Foods containing glycyrrhizinic acid or its ammonium salt

Beverages with high caffeine content or foods with added caffeine

Foods with added phytosterols, phytosterol esters, phytostanols or phytostanol esters

Frozen meat, frozen meat preparations and frozen unprocessed fishery products

Other Legislation

Foods containing certain colours
Note: This requirement is contained in EU Regulation 1333/2008

As a requirement of the food additive regulations, for certain colours a special warning statement is needed stating 'X [name or E number of the colours]: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children'. For listing of the colours, view listing.

Raw milk/Colostrum:
Note: This requirement is contained in EU Regulation 853/2004

Labelling must clearly show:

(a) in the case of raw milk intended for direct human consumption, the words ‘raw milk’;
(b) in the case of products made with raw milk, the manufacturing process for which does not include any heat treatment or any physical or chemical treatment, the words ‘made with raw milk’;
(c) in case of colostrum, the word ‘colostrum’;
(d) in case of products made with colostrum, the words ‘made with colostrum’.

Dried milk products:
Note: This requirement is contained in EU Directive 2001/114/EC (implemented in England by 2003 No. 1596))