Date marking

The Regulations require food to have an 'appropriate durability indication'. Two methods are used:

Manner of Marking:

Example - Best Before (Nuts and Raisins)
Example - Best Before (Butter)
Example - Best Before End
Example - Use By

Note: More detailed guidance on the 'use by' dates can be found in the document: 'What Foods Should Carry A "Use By" Date ? Guidance Notes' (see the Links page)


The following foods are exempted from stating an appropriate durability indication:

Special storage conditions or conditions of use

As indicated under 'General requirements' (on page A-1), foods are required to be labelled with 'any special storage conditions or conditions of use'.

The storage conditions which are required to be given with the date mark relate specifically to ensuring that the consumer knows how to store the food if it is to last as long as the date indicates whilst it remains unopened. Special storage conditions or conditions of use should be given: