Staff Profile:Dr. David Owens


Preparation, teaching and marking etc on Modules FB2MF1 (Microbiology of Food Spoilage and Preservation) and FB2MF2 (Microbiological Hazards in Foods).

Areas of Interest:

Food Microbiology; lactic acid bacteria, non-dairy fermented foods, Campylobacter

Research groups / Centres:
This staff member does not appear to have any publication data in CentAUR

Sparringa, R.A., Kendall, M., Westby, A. and Owens, J.D. (2002) Effects of temperature, pH, water activity and CO2 concentration on growth of Rhizopus oligosporus NRRL 2710.Journal of Applied Microbiology 92, 329-337.

Leereerajumnean, A., Ames, J.M. and Owens, J.D. (2000) Effect of ammonia on the growth of Bacillus species and some other bacteria.Letters in Applied Microbiology 30, 385-389.

Owens, J.D., Thomas, D.S., Thompson, P.S. and Timmerman, J.W. (1989) Indirect conductimetry: a novel approach to the conductimetric enumeration of microbial populations. Letters in Applied Microbiology 9, 245-249.

Owens, J.D. (1985) Formulation of culture media for conductimetric assays: theoretical considerations. Journal of General Microbiology 131, 3055-3076.

BSc, Bristol; PhD, Reading

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0118 931 0080
Food Biosciences 2-48

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