News Archive - 2007

19 December 2007: Postgraduate award presented at the Departmental Christmas Lunch

It has become an annual feature of the Department ..

7 December 2007: Professor Rowland addresses international conferences in France and Italy

Professor Ian Rowland has been having a busy time recently ..

4 December 2007: Flavour chemistry at Reading features in BBC TV "In Search of Perfection" food programme

The Department's flavour chemistry laboratory was featured ..

4 December 2007: Presentation of industrial awards to support our undergraduates

Although the introduction of student fees ..

28 November 2007: Strong presence at polyphenol and health conference in Japan

The Department sent a large delegation ..

Sainsburys Prizes 2007

25 November 2007: Sainsbury's awards scholarships to outstanding students

With the need for food science and technology graduates ..

22 November 2007: Food Society Winter Formal at the Jazz Café

The Food Society held its main event of the year tonight ..

15 November 2007: British Council fund research link with Russian University

The Department has been successful in seeking funding ..

19 October 2007: Traceability and product recall issues considered at Beijing conference

Dr David Jukes, Senior Lecturer in Food Regulation ..

13 October 2007: Postgraduates present research results at international conference in Texas

It has been a busy week for 3 of our postgraduate researchers ..

8 October 2007: A new year starts with a further encouraging increase in recruitment

Today we welcome our new students ..

3 October 2007: The Minister of Agriculture for Indonesia visits the Department

The Department has today been honoured to host a visit ..

29 September 2007: Department welcomes prospective students to view our facilities

The University holds regular 'Open Days' when prospective students ..

25 September 2007: New international agreement links Department with major institution in Thailand

A key agreement has beensigned between Kasetsart University, Thailand, and the University of Reading ..

25 September 2007: Primary school children introduced early to food bioscience

Instead of teaching to students aged 18 to21, we have today hosted students aged from 9 to 11 ..

19 September 2007: Meeting to evaluate the latest developments in functional and natural foods

Professor Ian Rowland, Professor of Human Nutrition ..

18 September 2007: Nutrition researchers meet to discuss problems with dietary fat and possible solutions for a healthier diet

The Department has today hosted a one-day meeting ..

13 September 2007: Departmental Research Day builds links with researchers at Surrey University

The Department's Annual Research Day this year was made into a joint venture ..

12 September 2007: Flavour Chemistry Research Group Away Day

The flavour group has today held its annual Research Day ..

23 August 2007: Flavour group turn out in force for the American Chemical Society meeting in Boston

Five members of the Department's flavour research group have been attending the 234th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society .. 

8 August 2007: Department welcomes new batch of students from China

The Department has established strong links with Henan University in China.  As part of the link...

8 August 2007: New Food Biosciences web site launched

As part of the moves to create a new image and to make the whole University of Reading web site...

31 July 2007: Postgraduate researcher displays prebiotic research results in the USA

The annual Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) exhibition and meeting is one of the world's largest... Food News Image - Food Chemistry Journal

19 July 2007: 'Food Chemistry' journal achieves top ranking status

'Food Chemistry', an international food research journal centered here in the Department of Food Biosciences, has risen in the impact factor rankings...

17 July 2007: Change in Head of Department

It has been nearly a year now since the University created the larger School...

17 July 2007: A successful year for knowledge transfer activities supported by the Department

The Food Technology Enterprise Hub (FTEH), in which the Department is a major Partner, has just announced...

12 July 2007: Presentations made to the American Dairy Science Association

With the Department's long history of research into aspects of dairy processing, we were once again represented...

6 July 2007: Summer sun arrives to brighten our students' Graduation Day

It has been a wet and cool summer so far in the United Kingdom but, just in time, summer arrived to provide our new graduates...

5 July 2007: Royal Society showcase for Departmental research on gut bacteria

Every year the Royal Society in London host a Summer Science Exhibition...

4 July 2007 - Food Biosciences Summer school for sixth formers

The 21st annual summer school for sixth formers has just been completed.  The course...

26 June 2007: University allocates research funding to Dr Anne Marie Minihane

The University of Reading, one of the foremost research universities in the UK, has recently launched...

20 June 2007: Academic staff attend an 'Away Day' to review teaching developments

With increased student numbers last October and a further increase expected for next October...

23 May 2007: New Saudi Food and Drug Authority seeks advice from food law specialist

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) was officially created earlier this year... News Image - Flavourists 2007 - small

19 May 2007: Flavourists course attracts students from around the world

Today marks the end of the fifth annual training course for flavourists hosted by the Department of Food Biosciences...

17 May 2007: Professor Rowland addresses the International Dairy Federation

Our new Hugh Sinclair Professor of Human Nutrition, Professor Ian Rowland...

4 May 2007: Congratulations to our new Professor of Food Chemistry 

The Department of Food Biosciences is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr Michael Gordon to Professor of Food Chemistry...

5 April 2007: University to build new Life Sciences building next to Food Biosciences

As part of its commitment to enhancing the provision of science teaching and facilities for research...

20 March 2007: Reading final year students develop new food products

As part of their course, final year food students in the Department have to develop new food products....

14 March 2007: Fabulous freshers funded for first year and beyond

The University of Reading has honoured the best of its most recent Freshers intake by giving them a £2,000 scholarship...

1 March 2007: External review of Departmental teaching praises our programmes

This week it has been our turn to be subject to a detailed analysis and whilst some points needing attention were found, the overall results were excellent...

1 March 2007: Professors attend the 2007 Nutrition and Intestinal Health Conference in Germany

Two of our leading research professors have been attending the 2007 Nutrition and Intestinal Health Conference...

22 February 2007: Reading food regulation specialist addresses food safety conference in the Gulf

In conjunction with Gulfood, the major regional food exhibition for the Gulf, the Dubai Municipal Authority has just staged the 2nd Gulf International Food Safety Conference...

15 February 2007 Research results suggest that watercress could be a life-saver

Eating watercress daily can significantly reduce DNA damage to blood cells, which is considered to be an important trigger in the development of cancer...

1 February 2007: Welcome to our new Professor of Human Nutrition at Food Bioscience

The University selected and appointed Professor Ian Rowland as the Hugh Sinclair Professor of Human Nutrition here within the Department of Food Biosciences...

24 January 2007: Snow falls in Reading - but lectures continue!

It is not often that Reading wakes up to find snow on the ground - but that is what happened this morning!...

11 January 2007: Food bioscientist helps the BBC tell 'The Truth about Food'

To be broadcast by BBC2 in January 2007 as six one-hour programmes, 'The Truth About Food'...

10 January 2007: Postgraduate researcher returns from 10 week research trip to Australia

One of our postgraduate students has just benefited from an attachment to the The University of Queensland...

2 January 2007: New lecturer joins Department to strengthen work on science in the food chain

As one of its key research themes, the University has given priority to 'Food Chain and Health'...

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