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The Centre for Food Security at the University of Reading joins together existing areas of research excellence to provide a platform for real-world research into the challenges of ensuring global food security. We collaborate with policy makers, industry and the global research community to help ensure resilient, sustainable and healthy food chains.At Reading we have an international reputation for research spanning the whole food chain, and in particular we have strengths in the areas of food chain and health, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. We also have expertise in climate systems science and in human health. Our approach to food security is broad. It is about society using its resources effectively and efficiently to meet to meet global nutritional needs. This means producing and supplying the food that consumers want and need without imposing excessive burdens on the ecosystems which support our food production.

In order to further develop the cross disciplinary working that is necessary to meet the global food security challenge, our work is organised into three Research Themes.

Director of the Centre for Food Security

Professor Richard Tiffin

As Director of the Centre, Richard recognises that food security is one of the most important global challenges and that a range of approaches which draw on both natural and social sciences need to be used in order to meet this challenge. Resource scarcity, a growing population, and climate change, are just some of the issues that need to be addressed. Richard became Director of the Centre as he believes the University of Reading is well placed to tackle the food security agenda and can build on Reading's strong reputation in the agri-food sector.

Richard is an Agricultural Economist and his current research is focused on diet and health policy, in particular the impacts of fiscal policies with the objective of improving dietary health, such as so-called 'fat tax'.

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