Pilot Plant Equipment

The pilot plant contains dedicated dairy and bakery areas as well thermal processing, dehydration and separation equiptment. We also have a range of additional processing equipment so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Equipment covering dairy processing including cheese and cultured milk products:

Cheese VatsHTST Pasteuriser, Separator, Homogenizer

4 x 100L Cheese Vats

Cheese Mill

Pneumatic Cheese Press

Moulding Table (Soft Cheese)

Temperature controlled rooms for ripening

Stephan Mixer, Vertical Cutter

ice cream equipmentIce Cream

Equipment available for 5kg batch to semi-continuous ice cream production:

Freezer, Batch, Ice Cream (Guisti)

Freezer, Continuous Type (Giusti, 100 l/hr)

Freezer, Horizontal/Batch (Giusti Type 216a)

Ice Cream Pasteuriser (Carpigiani Boil/5, 5 kg)

Vat, Ageing (Giusti)



bakeryAir Classifier (Alpine)

Buhler Mill

Dough Mixer (Tweedy)


Mill, Pin Disk

Mixer, Power

Mixer, Z-Blade, Dough

Moulder, Bread

Oven, Baking/Rotary

Oven, Rotary, Proving

Oven, Rotary/4-Shelf

Oven, Travelling Band Oven

Power Mixer

thermal processingThermal Processing

Pasteuriser, HTST (Model: Lc80825, APV)

Pasteuriser HTST (Model: JHE 351)

UHT Plant (APV) 

Seamer Units

Boiling pans



Dehydration and Evaporation

dehydration equipmentSpray Dryer (Anhydro)

Spray Dryer (NIRO)

Mini Spray Dryer (Buchi)

Tray Dryer

Fluidised Bed Dryer

Freeze Dryers

Climbing Film Evaporator



membrane processingPCI Nano Filtration Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Ultra-Filtration Plant (ABCOR)

Disc Bowl Separator

Centrifugal Separator

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