Summer course for 6th form students

6th form course 2010 - In the chemical analysis laboratory

4 - 6 July 2018

Are you a young scientist who is thinking about a career in food? The Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences will be holding its next 3-day introductory course between 4 - 6 July 2018 for lower 6th form students (Year 12). This popular course is supported and sponsored by manufacturing and retail companies in the food industry.

Food Science and Technology are unfamiliar subjects to most A level science students, yet are often extremely interesting to those with good scientific ability. Our degree courses in these subjects are multidisciplinary, encompassing chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, quality assurance, sensory analysis, management, food engineering and manufacturing. They are very practical and frequently involve industrial training.

6th Form Course 2010 - Testing a food sampleThe Food and Nutritional Sciences Summer School aims to give young scientists an idea of how exciting these courses really are. The taster course has been held at the University of Reading since 1987, and have proved to be extremely popular, inspiring many students to go on to study Food Science and Technology at university and later to go on to a career in the food industry, where the demand for food science and technology graduates is greater than the supply.

To apply for the Summer Course fill in the taster form here 

For more information please download the Summer School Flyer 2018

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