Investors in People

Investors in People (IIP) is an internationally recognised quality standard for the development of businesses and organisations through the implementation of workforce development practice.  


Why do we need it?

  1. We are all involved in planning the success of our departments. Our values are important to us and guide how we work. We decide what is important to us and our teams. We get involved in planning improvements and ask ourselves: "Where do we want to be next year and in five years time" 
  2. Learning and development are key to improving our team, L & D enters the language of our department - we need to learn as we go along - from events, complaints, successes, failures and each other (best practice) - it is not just about training sessions.
  3. Sharing our ideas and best practices throuighout the directorate as well as with each other. We need to know we are doing a good job. We need to make sure there is fair and equal access to opportunities for support.
  4. We know what to expect from our managers and what our managers expect from us.
  5. We need to ensure our managers manage and lead us effectively. We must therefore make sure we develop managers so they have the necessary skills.
  6. We feel valued and get regular feedback on our performance.
  7. We all contribute to discussions about the workplace. We are all responsible for working together to achive our goals.
  8. We have opportunities to use what we have learned to improve the way we work.
  9. We make sure that leaning and development are effective - we invest in those activies that produce the best results for individuals and teams. We take responsiblity for using our new skills in the workplace.
  10. By evaluating and reviewing our investment in our people, we can plan effectively for the future.








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